How do I make boss battles in games?

For so long, i’ve been wanting to create boss battles in my games but somehow i’m a new scripter just good at scripting not professional. I’ve seen in games like modern games, having boss battles. And I wanted to know how to make one myself. Because on my version, I want it to make it unique and complex boss battle.

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    I have this pennywise model that I got from the catalog:

I want the spider legs to move like its a giant spider fighting a small human. And I want it to have 5 random attacks. Plus I want it’s weakness to be the 3 glowing blue balls that is called: “Dead Lights” by shooting them through the pennywise’s mouth.
Somehow I cannot think of any way to animating this boss model and making its mechanics

I’ve been searching on some forums but somehow I don’t find any solutions. I’ve tried so many tutorial but I think it doesn’t make sense for the project i’m working with.

However, I could animate this using scripting but I don’t think It will make my expectations true.
If you have any ideas or examples do let me know. Thanks in advance!


This will be fairly hard to make as it would require an advanced knowledge in pretty much every aspect.

In short, you will need custom physics based on raycasting for each leg, inverse kinematics for realistic joint movement depending on where each leg is resting as well as body inclination. The behavior will also be a difficult task.


There are many ways to implement boss battles, that’s completely up to you how you want to go about it. Use ideas from existing games to help your thought process.

There isn’t much evidence of you doing thorough research on the topic. If you search for solutions based on limited key terms, you won’t find much. Expand your belt. Define your requirements, search the DevForum or Developer Hub, reference external platforms, so on. For example, you want the legs of your model to move… so look into non-standard Humanoid animating.

Not the point of the category. Please do not ask for code in your thread.


You can try rigging it, and using animations.


how would i raycast the legs? Somehow i could use collectionservice and give each leg a tag or i could use animation editor

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That’s creepy. I like it .Hope it will be a good game.


The easiest way would be to create a separate animation for each leg and save some kind of a 3D curve. You will use this curve, together with a CFrame offset to cast a set of rays for each frame to determine where to pause the animation.

Here is a simple sketch of what I mean.