I need some help on what I need to work on

Hello! I’ve been seeing all these terrain editor’s work and I feel stuck. I’m confused about what I should be practicing. I’ll show you some of my work at the bottom.



You can mess around with the colors in the terrain tab in your explorer, if you open the tab next to water color (the > ), that might help.

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What you’re working on seems fine. The only thing I’d note is the reference pictures is that these are pretty much showcases and stick to a certain aesthetic. The lighting and bloom also compliments a showcase very well.
The lava/magma type just simply does not look good. I’d suggest adding more to the level as well

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Try changing the colors up or maybe even the terrain type itself so that the colors and materials complement each other. Like on your image the lush grass seems to clash with the lava material.

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Alright, thanks for the feedback!