I need some ideas for my lobby, anyone can help?

Running out of ideas for my game, anyone got any ideas?

Edit: did not expect this to get replies quick, but my game is going to be about a minigame, the game theme hasnt been decided yet, but im aiming for spaced theme.

This post has no detail whatsoever. Do you mind adding more information in your post so we can give you ideas? I suggest producing images and giving further information.

um its very hard for us to help you, as we have no information at all regarding what the style of the lobby is, what kind of game you are making, and no pictures to see what you have done so far, please further explain :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you give us more information please? :slight_smile: Such as the game theme, pictures from the lobby, etc. Thanks for reading.

Reading your edit, i would like to see your current lobby, we could help you a bit more if you do it.

I agree, though I have some tips already. Since your lobby is the first thing players will see, it should be interesting and eye catching. Personally, my lobby is a giant spaceship docked in a city, which you can teleport out of. It might also be fun to add a secret to the lobby, like how I have the ability to fly it.

Do you have your lobby already built if so can you include a few images in your post? If I’m understanding your question correctly. It really depends, since you’re going for a space theme, maybe have something simple in the lobby like shops.

I would say a small obstacle course which a player gets a reward for once completed, nothing to special but it will help keep players in-game and active whilst they are waiting. Maybe some small decorations floating around or in the lobby could be rovers, craters, meteors, rocks.

Having something to do while they wait is always fun, maybe add like a secret underground area, they can find and interact with each other having an update for quests could attract players to come back repeatedly to achieve those items something what Death - run has but built in a more different way. Something to keep players entertained while they wait in the lobby.

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Alright jordon, and ryan, thanka for the suggestion!

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Thanks, and good luck with the game. If you want to talk more add me on discord Ryan5374#6724

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