I need some simple and fun game ideas

Here I am with another needing game ideas topic. I am so unmotivated to continue on with my last “project” as I didn’t feel like I was having fun developing or going to enjoy the game. The game type I really want to develop is like a fun minigame, but only 1. Do you guys have any fun and simple ideas that you would like for me to try? I have used the search feature, asked friends, family, and strangers, but nothing comes up in my mind that would appeal to me.


I often have moments when I lose motivation.
I would advise you to watch any films, or listen to motivating music, this is a pretty good way to regain your motivation.

Or, you should take a break from creating the game itself.
After the rest, motivation must appear.


Last week I haven’t opened up studio in 3 days and it felt so good to be back in the studio. I really want to make a game so I can be occupied during this dark time but I just don’t have ideas. Anything would be appreciated.

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I advise you to listen to music.
Personally, I mainly listen to tracks from the movie “Star Wars”, there are quite inspirational compositions.:+1:


Before you can start a project you’ve got to come up with an idea, if you lack creative vision than you shouldn’t be in charge of that field of game development. There’s many ways you can gain inspiration, you could for example go outside witness a crime and than boom you’ve got a robbery game.

The only complications come from your lack of creativity, fortunately for you game designers do exist so you can hire them if you lack enough creativity to get the job done.


How about a game inside a mall? A huge mall/supermarket/shopping center where the players must defend the place from skeleton-looking enemies which are coming to steal a macguffin?

So you would build a mall, which is the map, and the players must build defenses with everything they find in the mall, like stealing weaponry from a gun store, making flags out of clothing, taking food from food stores, and so every shopping place gives something useful.

I like to think about it as the players working together (not forced, but as something possible) to build automated weapons and shields in front of areas, and they use anything as weapons, like fryers as melting liquids or rings as bullets that are used in hand-crafted machinery, and shields, like books or those promo signs you find in movie theaters.

If you think about it, the game could have modes like a payload-moving cart with turrets and a person inside the “payload” (which is a shopping cart) shoots the enemies, some skeletons with the style of “dark” “mysterious” and “devilish”, but overall I like the idea of avoiding the enemies from stealing a macguffin (which would work as a flag).


You could often use some aminations, sometimes that brings players a lot of attention for the to see in such game like Bubble Gum Simulator.

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If you decide to take my idea, which I allow you to use, you should try and take some resources, either for inspiration or for in-game use.

There are many models of skeletons already inside roblox.

  1. This one, it could be a type of skeleton that is taller than the average
  2. This one, which I’ve never seen
  3. This one, which I’ve also never seen
  4. This one, as a heavy character
  5. This one, a medieval skeleton
  6. This one, which is like a stronger-than-average skeleton, better than the number one on this list
  7. This one is the most classic one, the one you see everywhere. Could work as a minion
  8. This one is not a skeleton, but could work

If you think you won’t use it because they are rthro, maybe they could be used as some taller skeletons, as if those skeletons are naturally taller in that place, and that there are some that are minions.

You could also use the many korblox packages the platform has. I don’t see anybody using it.

This will help

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From personal experience, one simple way to get a game out there would be to go with viral trends, something unique and never seen before, always try go beyond and push Roblox to get next extent in every idea or game you create!

Good luck with finding what works best for you! :slight_smile: