I need some suggestions on the tower defense maps I'll possibly release open-source

Hi, recently I’ve wanted some feedback with the builds I’ve made so far, additionally some improvement suggestions of the decor ideas I could add to them and such.

Currently, it’s like 3 years of experience of learning to build and recently learned to use Blender and I’m used to using my mind for a fitting experience of the vibe within the lighting. Generally, the Crystal Cave is a finished product and I’ll be making more of the maps later and releasing it open-sourced for Tower Defense communities for free, although the other map was kind of tricky to think of surroundings, so I took ideas of decor through the Innovation Arctic Base’s game and additionally combined from Madness Combat as character scientists instead of normal robloxians.

I generally would appreciate some suggestions on what to mostly add towards the Core map, additionally the name for the map.
Animated: https://gyazo.com/789d02d7ba4182dad5190add7a4c6a33, https://gyazo.com/210c693c0b48c55915c80ca22f8cd51f


I think it’s pretty nice! Especially the lab map. But the cave is still somewhat empty, try to add more details.

i like the maps a lot, but i feel the cave could have some more decoration
miners working in random places around it
broken ladders and ropes and dynamite

just small details that make it less empty

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Bumpin this, due to a small number of suggestions over with the Cave map and the Core map.

Update on the new look of the core location: https://gyazo.com/7ee0669ceb25759ed3238069b88dd549