I need suggestions for a warehouse I built

I’ve been working on the warehouse for a few days and I would like some feedback.

I’m not sure what to add into it and I can’t get the lighting right.

(Sorry for the low-resolution screenshots, I’m using a laptop with smaller screen dimensions)


The warehouse looks nice. Here are some suggestions:

  • Give the glass on the windows a clearer color and a little bit more transparency so they look better.
  • Maybe add some dust, rust or stuff that makes it look different. Just to give it variety.

With those two changes I bet the build would look better. Without those changes I’d give it a 9/10, its really good! :+1:


Thank you! I’ll be sure to add them into the build.

I shall give you need feedback you need.

  1. I suggest adding wires flowing out from the lights at the top. How are they being powered?

  2. You could always add a gated side and a shelf side. That’s what I’m doing for my storage area in my build.

  3. Since there are those massive truck doors, you could even add an unloading station!

  4. It could use more windows around the build. And maybe some text to break up the flatness of the walls. Depth is very important!

  5. I’m not sure this would work out for you, but maybe you could add a generator or solar power on the outside to provide power to the build.

  6. Maybe you can add an office inside the build? That’ll only work if it’s a workplace though.

  7. Maybe some posts/poles running to the ceiling of the build to give it some support.

  8. The outside could use some garbage cans, fences/gates, parking lots, or a large sign.

  9. Do you see those baseboards on the outside? Try adding them on the inside.


The warehouse looks cool but I am not sure if you want to make it a abandoned warehouse or a working warehouse if you’re doing abandoned then add a bit dust and rust but if it’s in use add something like boxes shelves and more things to it

Thank you for your suggestions! I never even thought about adding depth to the wall!

On your second point, I’m not sure what you meant by a “gated side”, do you mind giving me a clearer explanation?

I already placed the baseboards in the interior of the building but the poor resolution of the image messes up the details, sorry about that!

I want you to add a chain link fence side.

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you people confuse me, what goes on in your head do you just wake up one day and youre like yo im going to build a warehouse

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I like the warehouse, although it feels empty on the inside. I would probably add shelves of supplies and boxes. But this is still a good build! I like time and effort that was put into it!

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Thank you for your suggestion!

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