I need thoughts on my new roblox development group emblem

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want an emblem that is pleasing but I dont wanna spend to long on it considering I am not a total artist

Here is the emblem so far:

Roblox emblem

Update: I removed the hammer and gave both texts similar cartoon styled fonts and tried to balance the words on the picture here is an updated look.

Roblox emblem 2


The hammer lacks detail and the text doesn’t fit the style of background. I suggest using a more cartoonish text and changing the text color to match the red a little bit more.

The hammer needs a bit of work, try making a very thin outline for it. The handle just looks like a stretched square. Add some shading to it and it’ll looks great!

The word developement seema a bit off centered, and the picture is not evenly balanced on both sides.