I need tips, ideas etc. for a WW1 game

I’ve been wanting to create a WW1 game like Entrenched, Trench Warfare etc. But the problem is that I have no idea how to script or anything. I already have some working weapons for the game:
gewehr 98
lebel model 1886
lewis automatic rifle
webley revolver

I’d really appreciate if someone gives me some tips, ideas etc.

Make vehicles for the game with different abilities. Here is a little image I found of some. Not sure if they’re accurate but it gives you a picture.

What sort of ideas are you looking for?

Try find a friend or a collaborator that is willing to work with you and/or help you out, they might like the game idea and want to work with you!

If you don’t know where to start, personally I would start with building as I find it the easiest to learn, from there it will be a lot easier to perhaps hire or get a scripter friend.

Whenever I get a collaborator, they just steal stuff. I’m doing EVERYTHING solo. I can’t trust anyone ever. The ideas that I’m looking for are mainly trenches, uniforms, hats, etc.

Thanks, I’ll probably use them as I need reference models.

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But just cannot think how to make those, since I’m pretty new to blender and making models in blender in general.

Whenever I get a collaborator, they just steal stuff.
This is why I became a jack of all trades

You could do stuff such as broken down vehicles, weapon cache’s, map rooms, ammo supplies, fire areas too

I’m planning to do these exact things. But I don’t know how to model stuff on blender as I said in a different reply. And I won’t use the toolbox since you cannot trust ANYTHING you see in it due to the viruses in most of the models.