I need to Draw on Walls

I am making a horror game, and I want to draw on the walls. I have searched, but there doesn’t seem to be a plug-in for this. If I do it on a drawing app and turn in into a decal, it covers up the wall. How can I draw on objects in Studio? Thanks


Make the decals background transparent, that should still show the walls.


Like the above post said, setting the BackgroundTransparency to 1 should show the wall and the image.
If your issue is that the image covers the entire wall, perhaps consider making small blocks and placing the decal on the blocks - then putting the blocks on the wall.

If you do this, make sure to:

  • Set the BackgroundTransparency to 1.
  • Anchor the part.
  • Make the part’s Transparency = 1.
  • Turn CanCollide off so players can’t interact with the invisible blocks.

Thanks! Hopefully someday, someone will make a plug-in that does this.

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Hm… in decal properties, there is transparency, but not background transparency…

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Decals would work but Roblox takes a while to moderate them and it can get annoying.

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I don’t think there’s a need for a plugin. Roblox already provides the option to do the same. You just need to provide the value. You can also use SurfaceGuis, that’ll ease your work and provide more fonts and stuff.


The problem with surface guis is that they are typed. Since this is a horror game, the words need to be scrawled on a wall, and having them typed wouldn’t be the same.

I think I found a solution. I found a website that makes image’s backgrounds transparent, so I put the drawing in the website, got a transparent background, and put that into the decal. Thank you all for the help

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