I need to make achievements for my game and i REALLY need help

Hi, i’m making a game where i need to make achievements, but i don’t know how i can make it, my previous idea was to use boolvalues but that didn’t work out.

Can someone please help me? I really need a way to save achievements when a player leaves the server, i’m open for questions and more information, thanks :grimacing:


If you want the achievements, you’ll need to use Data Stores:

You would have to update the Data Store when a certain event happens, for instance, a player walks into a part.

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Yes but how exactly should i use the datastore, that’s the problem itself

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The article I shared explains how to use them, loading data + saving data.
Data stores work a bit like this:

-| data store
 -| player id
  -| value

So, you would save the achievement to the player in a such.

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The best approach would be to use a dictionary with key as the achievement name and the value being a boolean to represent if they have earned the achievement.


local achievements = {
    ["Joined the game!"] = true;

--// Adding a new earned achievement
achievements["Owns 100 coins!"] = true;

--// Checking if they own an achievementnil is falsey and is returned if it's not in the dictionary
if (achievements["Gaming"]) then
    print("Gaming"); --// Won't print since they don't have it

achievements can be saved/retrieved from the DataStore like any other data. Additionally, can be sent across Bindables/Remotes (no need for BoolValues).