I need your feedback/ideas on the statue

I need feedback on the statue; i am going to make a city that has been evacuated/abandoned bc of war. There will be military equipment in the city and the statue will be at the very middle. My plan is to make the statue damaged but cant figure out how (I dont want it to be too much realistic nor too much game-ish)

(been working on the statue for 3 hours, im bad at material so it took that long.)

edit: I could make the concrete smoother im realizing it rn

Here’s an example, this will be the damaged torso and the cylinder there will be the rebar metal inside the statue

I checked many tutorials but im not satisfied, no one ever did the thing im doing before?

Here is more pictures of the statue i made, you can give me feedback about it too (I only made the half of it. I will add statue lights on the platform as irl and will make the statue damaged)

Ekran görüntüsü 2024-02-23 212302
the statue with material

The statue withut material

Ekran görüntüsü 2024-02-23 205758

materials im using (Dark one is not that dark, i made it lighter while trying to get a better result)

Ekran görüntüsü 2024-02-05 211423
scales im using


You can make add damage to statue’s legs or arms. That could make it look more good. You can also change material of some statue’s parts to make it look more like damaged.

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amazing job man! well i can see that you’re trying to go for a mid-realistic looking statue i suppose from what i gather. i’m new myself to blender but i’ll give u a few tips if it was me doing it.

i would get a reference of a statue for detail. it will give u ideas when it comes to the detailing of the statue. i wouldn’t go too into depth with this as its such a minor thing in a game but if u want to spend a bit of time go ahead.

here’s a reference image i found which is a great example of capturing material ware, etc. but u must decide how old u want the statue to look. do u want it to like historic, modern, yk? :slight_smile:


*proceeds to beat up your statue

(vines are optional, idk how many plants are in your sense)

perhaps you can give the stature more personality? scruffy remnants of a face perhaps?

For your materials may I suggest adding deeper/more obvious cracks using a normal map?


It will be modern, not that old and i want material to be concrete, not stone. Its modern art yk; damaged by tank shells
edit: I may make the platform concrete and change the statue to stone. Will look good i believe, Thanks for the idea!

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Vines would look good but it wont be that old.
It will be middle of a warfare in the city, like a year hardly passed.
But, i may add vines, some parts of the vines burnt down, some of them fell.

About the face, i tried it and… it looked so much like; meh…
The main reason i dont want face on the statue is bc that the statue is made from a roblox character and i dont really see 3D faces on roblox avatars. But thanks for the idea! i may add some accessory to statue such as a hat or a sword etc.

Edit: Thanks for the video BTW, the cracs i made wasnt working. As i said, im bad at material.

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