I nominate you to do the ALS Robloxain Ice Bucket Challenge!

I have put together a game that advertises the Ice Bucket item on roblox and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help out.

So what I would like you guys do is go in dump an ice bucket on your self and nominate others!

I think the last few times people made these games they got shut down, right?

I don’t see why they would, I am supporting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by creating a game which people can come in and not only know what it is but actually do it in game, I am not sure about you or anyone else but it may get some people to want to do it them selfs… or some people may not have known about it and they see the game and there ya go.

Though :confused: the gear is pretty glitchy so I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

Pretty cool haha