I probably have a virus in my game

When you enter the game, the camera stands still and never moves.

I suspected that there is a virus in my game, I noticed something when I entered the game and looked at the scripts of the player, there is probably a FreeCam, but how do I fix it? pls help me



The freecam is from roblox and certainly not. Shift+F (I think) activates it.I need more information

so how can i solve it, there is 1 toolbox in our game and it is RTX GRAPHIC but nothing changed when i deleted it

Please send a picture of the workspace camera, the properties and the content of your player


Player Properties:

Sorry, I meant in the sidebar with the workspace ServerScriptService and just player. In the player folder go to your player and show there the content and the content of the content. Thanks :hugs:
Edit: And can you try to use the free cam?
And may you show all the plugins?

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In the ServerScriptService section, each script belongs to us and we tried deleting them one by one and it’s not a script-related situation, but I’ll assign it throw.

  • plugins is are clear

I mean the player folder

Like here:

*The image is not from me

Take the picture of your but please during the error is, so the camera can not be moved (in the experience)


The enviroment folder seems sus

Environment is lvl system

Super RTX Graphics also seems suspicious, could you please send it?

no i don’t think so we deleted it and tried again but nothing changed

Check workspace, it’s probably there.

Do you spawn with the character or the camera?

It’s a bug I think not a virus

No way in hell its a bug. Probably some script

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Can you show a picture of the map in studio? And what did you add after it didn’t work anymore?

we did spawn With Camera dsadsd