I Published my first ever Roblox game, WW2:Winter War. Feedback needed!

I have been making this game for over 6 months now and i finally got something to show for it.


Honest and constructive feedback would be appreciated!


Good job on completing a game!

I really like the aesthetics and the overall feel of the game. Here are a few suggestions I have:

  • Background music (soft and not distracting), as it would help with the aesthetics of the game
  • The ability to press “Q” to zoom (trackpad players)
  • A help menu that shows you all the keybinds in the game
  • Perhaps different weapons (crates?)
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Thank you for your feedback!
I did once try to add music, but it didn’t fit well with the game. But perhaps I should try again now!
All of these features are good ideas and will probably be added to the game.
Also one of the ideas for the next update would be a leveling system, and a weapons market similar to Zeppelin Wars, instead of crates.