I really need help this is my first time making a game

Hello everyone I am making a game and everything is going really well but my developers are quite worried if the game would flop. I will be buying ads to ensure my developers wont think the game would be dead,but buying 10k+ robux seems kinda expensive to a small game. I thought about fundraising robux is that a good idea,if yes what is a good place for me to do that. If no why? and what should I do?:pensive:

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May I ask what do you need help with?

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Where should I raise robux is there a game for that? or is there a place I can raise funds

Oh you are trying to figure out how much robux to spend on ads i would recommend doing 100 and see how it does.

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You can always get sponsored by someone rich, if their games succeeded then they could tell you if yours does and give robux for ads but… you would have to pay them back if your game gets rich

I personally think there aren’t any good ways to earn Robux except for buying it yourself or doing commissions for people. Even with commissions, there’s always a chance of being scammed depending on who you work with.

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Alright, this is your first time doing? Cool. Fundraising? No that’s… not a good idea. To test if it’s going to work out for a bit, you should just try it out with a small bit of money, not 10k, if you want an investor, go and join some developer communities on discord (example; hidden developers), i know a few, if you cant find any good ones, dm me and I’ll shoot you an invite :slight_smile:

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This is a question that can be answered on your perspective view a better option would be doing commissions.

Fundraising is here and there, it’s more for those that want to support you and contribute to the game to raise ‘funds’ are you more wanting people to buy game passes, shirts, or your products? Don’t get me wrong, fundraising is a good idea. However, I’d highly recommend doing commissions if your wanting a different approach.

There are many ways to get players to play your game or if you’re wanting to launch your first game if your game is done correctly it won’t be a game that’ll go down hill, promoting your game on active community’s such as twitter, and others would be a good fit. My opinion create a game that’s worth spending money in.