I realy need help on my pet system

Hey developers,
I’m developing my first game and I would like to learn how work pets.
It means the ENTIRE pet system: Pet Storage, Pet Equip Unequip, Pet Save, Pet Egg Hatch and Pet animations (optional).

I’m ABSOLUTLY stuck.

It’s why I’m calling help right now because I’m trying by myself since 1 month I’m fed up.
Even with some help on another topic, I am still stuck.

Can anyone join me on a Test place to show you how does it work?
If it is possible, just let me a meeting hour (Precise if it is Eur or USA hour)

Thx you for reading me!
I hope someone will be my hero because I’m realy fed up!

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I can’t and don’t know anyone who does have the time to walk you through an entire pet system (in detail) within an hour, however we can show you some videos.

These are the first results from a youtube search:

If you still don’t understand it after all of this, I’ll give you a whistle stop tour of how I’d go about it.

To start off with, I would receive some sort of event call from the client, asking to equip/ unequip the pet. Next, I would see which command it is, and if it’s to equip I would find that pet from the pet storage folder and either weld the pet to the character or update it’s CFrame to stay behind they player. I would also give the player the buffs associated with that pet. On the other hand , I would just take away the buffs and delete it.

Pet saving, hatching and animations are pretty simple, as you could either use a module to save and fetch pet data, get a random number from 100 and give the player a pet based on the number (0-33 common 1, 34 - 66 common 2, 66-80 rare 1, 80-89 mythic 1, 90-99 mythic 2, 99-100 legendary 1). Last but not least, you could just use an animation handler (on the server because the pet isn’t a humanoid)

Obviously, throughout this there would be security checks and other things to keep it safe and efficient.

I hope this whistle stop tour can help you make your pet system, however if it’s not enough, please do make an effort to google it, look it up on youtube or something like that.

I’m back,
thank your realy much for your awnser.
I already saw tons and tons videos.
And i’m trying but I can reproduce everything I see in videos but in each videos there isn’t any link between each parts.
So I have an idea, can I reproduce everything seperatly and then, you help me to link them together? :confused:

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