I received a DMCA for something I don't own?

I am receiving a DMCA notification and I received penalty for no good reason… None of this was my wrong doing. Can someone please help? I used to be a developer for this group before the new owner started adding a da hood game and I think Roblox thought i was one of the uploaders when I’m not even in the group

GAME ID: 13308513265


They usually give warning to people who did changes to the game in studio, the game got deleted and if it’s uploaded back by the new owner I dont think you’d be warned because you never entered the studio of the new one.

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I made changes to the game way before they added the dahood game, If I think correctly the game used to be a simulator. I don’t get why i’m getting these warnings…

Free my boy Yaehzo, hardest worker on the Roblox platform.

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