I recreated, "corn dog on corn dog"

Hello! Today I decided to re-create a website known as http://corndogoncorndog.com inside of Roblox. I thought it would be cool, not as a game but just as something to experiment with GUI and sharpen/practice my skills with it.

If you want to see it in game here it is: corn dog on corn dog - Roblox

I couldn’t use the song inside on the actual website due to it not being on Roblox, copyright, and me not being able to buy an audio.


Not asking for feedback really, just like showing things I make! :+1:

I just checked it out, and I am just in total awe. It’s funny in its own way, but try adding text. Make the game interactable, just like the game called “There Is No Game”.

Other than that, I can’t really say anything else. Good job, lmao. :eyes:

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I mean

What else can you expect from a random website? It’s always fun experimenting with UI’s & such, I could think of 1 unique idea though:

You could make the corndogs spin :thinking: