I REMADE "The Password Game" In Roblox in 9 hours

Hi guys I just remade the entire password game from scratch on Roblox in just 9 hours. For this project,I wanted to try to put all my eggs in one basket and dedicate all my effort to coding the game. It’s mainly UI based so I would really appreciate any feedback! (Also, the word password is filtered out in Roblox so I had to misspell it on purpose)


maybe could you do the pass//ord game looks more like a w (it changed to a // on my screen after making the comment bruh)
but people will more likely play the original password game on neal fun so theres really no point. this game is the exact same except less rules and has the same rules


So… which one is it?


lol srry I think u might have put in Great Britain instead of England

ohh, I put in United Kingdom, that makes sense

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