I script a lot of things

About Me

HELLO, IM TEA, welcome to my humble portfolio

im a programmer with 5 years of experience
I’ve worked on games like FPS, RPG, Platformers, Survival, Role Plays, Obbys, Simulators, etc.
I can handle a vast array of advanced systems for your games
What i dont know how to make, i can learn quickly for you!

I specifically specialize in making NPCs/Bots, Boss systems, Combat, RPGs, UI Backend


Here’s a few of my work that i proudly present

Advanced Brickbattle Bot

This is mostly where my experience went, dedicating 3+ years into developing bots
Note that this is a BOT mimicking what an actual player would look like
so if you’re ever confused, yes that is a BOT (if i havent made it clear enough hehe)

its combat specialized that adapts in both long and short range
it takes cover when its far from you


you can try the game yourself here!
(rejoin if it doesnt spawn, i havent updated it in a while)
battle bot - Roblox

Anime RPG game

This is one of the projects that I very recently worked on
as you can probably tell, its heavily inspired by Genshin Impact
please note that this isnt a finished game


(dawn) https://gyazo.com/fcf0f40ee710606d91ca61821bc97e74.mp4
(landscape) https://gyazo.com/226dad5761071a599fd1d3d49031ad51.mp4

movement mechanics

(leaping) https://gyazo.com/dd1454ecdb0d66e40ded40b3eb9bcf07.mp4
(wall climb) https://gyazo.com/05a3c14c5779ee7b53c8e3cafdc8c731.mp4
(parkour stuff) https://i.gyazo.com/02afbae2a99c66f4a1356c92dbd46a0b.mp4


(combat) https://i.gyazo.com/1c7ba7b7136a92b7ed42943a463e26a6.mp4
(combat 2, burst)

Live perspective spectating

Shows you what the player youre spectating is looking at

anddd this is the same thing but on viewport frame

Placement system

simple placement system

mine… cra…???

GUI Stuff (bonus clips)

Netflix intro

Title something


I can work for at least 3 hours a day on weekdays and a bit more on the weekends
You can dm me any time, i’ll reply as soon as I can!

Payment & Contact

Prices are negotiable
My preferred payment method is USD, 20-100$ depending on the task’s difficulty
I dont take percentage payments

You can contact me on through my discord: eldreque

Thanks for reading!