I seem to have a virus... does anyone know how to fix it?

This morning, I tried to test my game and in the chat I saw numbers counting up. Every time a new number came up, a part named “hehe” generated under my character. Does anyone else have this/know how to fix it? Thanks in advance - IFthen

is it a plugin, did you use any free models?

yea that could cause it bc u cant trust ppl

You may have something in the workspace that has an script with a virus. I say this because I experienced that and it may be that.

I think it has to be a plugin because I haven’t added a free model in ages.

that’s not it, I searched for all scripts and didn’t find anything that did this.

oh, ok. Well, I hope you’ll find the issue! Have a nice day

I usually search script in explorer and look into the scripts that look weird or sus. It might be a plugin, or you got hacked and someone added something. Or is anyone else invited like team create because if then they could’ve added it.

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Try doing Ctrl+Shift+F and find “require” and “getfenv”. If that doesn’t show anything, check that all of your plugins are from original and trustworthy developers, as many are duplicates to get people to not just install the copied plugin but to give skids serverside access to your game.


It may be a plugin, I suggest disabling all plugins and testing them 1 by 1 to see which one causes the “virus”.
Because a part names “hehe” appears, you can use the search bar and search for it, and see in what scripts it appears.
I hope this helps & good luck finding it.

yea there are a lot of fake plugins, I learnt that the hard way…

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I tried that but didn’t find anything

same with your idea… no results

I am about 80% sure I just found the plugin… Don’t download Exploit Defense - Roblox. I disabled it and I think it stopped. I downloaded it because it was at the top of revelance so I expected that meant a lot of people downloaded it and it was popular… guess I was wrong!

Have you tried downloading the source of all plugins you have enabled and check them? You can use Plugin Importer for that.

Exploit Defense - Roblox a plugin that says its gonna protect u from virus but it gives u a virus fr

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You have to look at the people who made it.

this guy looks like an alt account, doesn’t seem like an actual user


Never trust those anti virus plugins. The best anti virus is not adding suspicious models and checking your scripts & plugins.

it wasn’t an antivirus plugin, just a exploit defense plugin

Same thing. I always recommend checking the actual user who uploaded the plugin and their code.

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