I self-banned ! Help me!

It’s a simple situation I was testing my game and I self-banned, help me !

What do you want to achieve?

Unban myself

What is the issue?


What solutions have you tried so far?

Unban by moderator
Look at the script
Look at the configuration
Delete the ban program and ban script


I assume your banlist is in a datastore?
Write a script to remove yourself from the list.
Not sure on your configuration, but you should be able to also rewrite the banlist check function to ignore you.

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I searched the datastore but I didn’t find it and I didn’t find a list for banned people

Sorry, but this is kind of funny

Anyway, does it work to remove the ban script entirely? Its probably new since you banned yourself

And this is in the wrong category


Have you tried using the DataStore Editor plugin?

Usually we could have helped you. But since this is a datastore and WE dont know how you store data in Datastores. I can suggest a simple fix though… you will need to change how you make keys.

If your key is like this :

player.UserId.."Whatever suffix u put here"

Change the prefix/suffix (or both) to something else.

Edit: wow glad it actually worked for you.

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Thanks! It worked, now I will modify the script so as not to make the same mistake again and thanks again !

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Oh hey. I think you marked my post as the solution instead of @Coolsbloxian 's post.

You shouldn’t pirate assets from a game that isn’t yours.


This is in the wrong category and do you really expect to profit from reuploading a game which you ripped the map from? Pretty petty trying to do so in the first place.

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Bro just stole a whole game and scripts and then didn’t even know how to unban himself :rofl:

How ironic


Not relevant to the topic but I wanted to mention that if you upload your game with a stolen map from a non-uncopylocked game there’s a high chance that your game will be moderated for stolen content either by the creator of the original game themselves or by a random user reporting the game.

In general, stealing assets from other games without permission is against the TOS, especially when you do it for entire maps.


I was about to say that lol, there’s so many pls donate clones and for some reason they always get so many players

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I work hard to recreate this map and i’m not like kids that stole games

Stealing assets is not hard work.

Just the game is created by me, I take the shop and the booth but all the other thinks are mine

The game isn’t scripted yet ! I will made this script later

This map is not the original. Its not because one part of the map look like pls donate that all the map is like pls donate

I just use public asset all of these can be found in roblox

It is not the real game, this is like a moded version of the game it’s totally f2p