I somehow need to delete all of these viruses on my game at once, without removing any parts

Hello. I made the same post months ago, but I cannot find it anymore because the Developer Relations Team removed it. Anyways, I was doing a update and I realized the virus has struck my models again. It was the same model as last time.
Here’s the viruses if you want to see them in the explorer:
Well, now I have to shutdown the game until this is fixed.

You could try:

for _, v in workspace:GetDescendants() do
    if v:IsA("Script") then 

(run it in the command bar, save first in-case)
To nuke all scripts in workspace.
To be more specific by name, you could do if v.Name=="Spread" or similar.

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You can do a deep iteration of the workspace’s descendants for the Spread script and remove them if you know for sure that this is the regular expected pattern (Fire → Spread).

-- This isn't a full code sample, finish it on your own.
for _, des in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants())
    if des.Name == "Spread" and des.Parent:IsA("Fire")


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