I spent 40k robux on my game and I have nothing to show for it!

Thank you very much , I will try to revamp the lobby and see how it goes

I think my biggest concern with this game is that you called patrick a jellyfish.

game is very well made, but for roblox you can’t just spend all the robux at once for sponsoring, rather spread it out over 10-15 days with 5-8k each day to pray that roblox likes the game and specific platform/demographics also yes tutorial is very annoying lol make it skippable completely

check your sponsorship analytics and filter by platform and see which ones are most effective also you can check audience to check age group/gender to sponsor to

Copyright reasons bro , Incase it blows up

What metrics I’m I going to be looking for , Retention , Play Time , Stickness??

the game overall feels off, and feels bad. Sorry, but theres many issues here.

  • forced tutorial
  • bad ui (too much info on hover, tower images hover for no reason? inconsistency, and bad colour palette)
  • not enough keybinds and unrefined keybinds (recommend tds keybinds because they are great)
  • optimization issues (worse performance than tds)
  • no unique mechanics (theres no catch to make it different, alot of tower defense games fail at this)
  • the ui is overwhelming (too much movement, sometimes tweens are great, other times they look weird)
  • the icon doesnt really make sense much (yes theres a ben 10 but doesnt show anything about tower defense)
  • the 1 thumbnail also doesnt show any tower defense relevance

also uh

the fake popular vip is also funny

well, the game looks rushed. I dont see much to grind towards, because every possible summon requires chance, and the tutorial should explain the other parts of the game, not the main game (doesnt exist in the main game anyways)

I think you shouldve had the tutorial talk about the hibernation center, the menus and such. Not just forcing players into the game by themselves

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Hey, I understand your concerns and the current sponsor system is really weird right now.

On my game, i spent a lot on sponsors like you did but there was at least 2-3 ccu that wouldnt go away. I am hoping you also have that.

It slowly grew to 5, then 10, then 30, then 100, and kept going, weeks after sponsoring.

So what I mean is you can keep waiting if your game has some CCU, and if your game is good, the algorithm will pick it up.

You can keep track of algorithm by analytics, they show how many home recommended you get.
If the home recommended player amount is improving, that means the algorithm picked it up.

You should keep working on the game to imrpove the feel and monetization, and fun aspects.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your review , I’ll make sure I improve the game as much as possible

I know but isn’t patrick a starfish lol(I was joking btw)