I think my clickdetectors broke themselves

I’ve had these doors in this game that, when clicked between a 32 stud radius, just open. Pretty simple. However, randomly, after like 4 months of them working, they started barely functioning. The click detector only works if you spawn your character close enough to the doors, and the range on the click detector seems non-existent, although still showing up correctly. This happens with all the click detectors in the game. What is going on!? Video file attached.

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Try printing out statements to narrow down the problem. For start, see if the click detector is being detected when the player clicks on the door.

Not sure, maybe check if the maxactivation range is set to an appropriate range, and/or parenting it to a larger objects (maybe a invisible clickable box?) I believe I had issues with click detectors before if you are in first person.

I think it could just be an issue with click detectors in first person mode. I’m not entirely sure though. tbh, if I were you, I’d just use proximity prompts, especially with a custom style such as a screen gui instead of billboard gui, but I get if you want to stick with the click detector. If so, maybe an invisible box like someone else suggested would work. If it’s an issue with it being on a moving part, you could have 2 detectors in place for an open and closed door and switch between which is enabled, but I could be way off with the issue.

  1. The click detector is not being prompt at all
  2. The click detector parenting an object instead of an model doesn’t change anything
  3. My game kinda relies on first person, and proximity prompts break the immersion, even invisible.
  4. Even an anchored part doesn’t make the clickdetector work.