I think my game got shadowbanned

When I try to search for my game “Reality Error: The Backrooms”, I notice that my game doesn’t appear in any results. And this seems strange to me because before my game did appear. For this reason I think my game was “shadowbanned”. And that “shadowban” makes my game have almost no visitors and no one can play it because no one can find it. The truth is that it is bad that your game that you have put a lot of effort into gets shadowbanned.

Here is a screenshot when I try to find my game:

I was investigating that your game can be shadowbanned if you put tags in the game description. I also contacted Roblox to help me figure out why they shadowbanned my game. Well, if anyone knows a solution to this shadowban, tell me in the comments, I’ll read them.

Thanks for reading.

Link of my game:

You may want to look at your Developer Stats, it might be because multiple Players often crash in your game on a specific device, causing it to get shadowbanned.

I just checked but there is no device crashing when playing my game. I think my game is shadowbanned for some other reason which I don’t know. Anyways, thanks for the information.