I tried to create some sort of anti-piracy screen

Before I start I know that there will be some downsides to this that I will explain later but I want to show how it works first. Also I plan to try and release this to the Community Resources Tab but I’m not sure if I should post this there or not.

I have created 2 separate versions of this.

Here is a video displaying a part GUI being changed in the Workspace

Here is a video displaying a GUI from starter GUI being changed

Now onto a couple of downsides of all this (that I can see of the top of my head, anyway)

  1. If the stealer only takes the built assets of the game and not the scripts, they also won’t take the Anti-Piracy script, meaning this basically means nothing in that case. (This makes it useless in things like showcases or games with little scripting that heavily rely on the build aspect)
  2. I don’t know how to make it so that a specific group can own a game, just a person. (Using game.CreatorId)

If you can leave any feedback as to how I can improve this, let me know!
If you want me to post the scripts here, also let me know, I’m not sure if I should post them here or wait until I post this topic to Community Resources.


cant you just use game.CreatorId like you mentioned?

these types of systems are completely futile and unnecessary

They’re not futile st all actually

it clearly is. why do you think there are still so many copies of original models and games