I wanna move the X coordinate only, but i don't know how to do that

How do i move the X coordinate (only) of the model via a script?


TweeningService I belive. That is what I was told.

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local model = game.Workspace.Model
local modelcframe = model:GetPrimaryPartCFrame()


Sorry if this doesn’t work I typed it on phone
Edit: also don’t forget to add a primary part to the model in properties


Simple, set position to

Vector3.new(XPositionThatYouWant, Part.Position.Y, Part.Position.Z)

If you wanna smoothly move the part use tweenService, it doesn’t really change anything about what I said but gives a smooth transition to the position that you want.


You cannot move a single coordinate. Changing the value of X will result in the change of the whole model’s position.

You’ll have to have a Primary Part of the model.

Here is a code example.

local Model = workspace.Model --varies according to the location of the model.
local Position = Model.PrimaryPart.Position
local IncrementValue = 100

Position = Vector3.new(Position.X - IncrementValue , Position.Y, Position.Z)

Not only you can also you :MoveTo() and :SetPrimaryPartCFrame(). You can also use TweenService in case you want to make it smooth.

i know im late but SetPrimaryPartCFrame() is deprecated, and you’re supposed to use GetPivot() now.