I wanna switch to a different game engine. Should i?

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this.

For the past few years i’ve been working with the Roblox engine. I have been or at least trying to create games on Roblox. Now before i get into this i wanna say that i sincerely love the opportunities that Roblox gives to creators. The fact that you can make a game, publish it and make money of it almost completely for free is just amazing. When other dev would have to pay for servers, managing etc. is just amazing. This is exactly the reason that makes me afraid to switch platform.
For as much as i love the Roblox platform there are some features and tech that other game engines have the roblox simply does not support.

My main question is: Is it worth to learn another game engine like unity or unreal or should i just stick to Roblox?

Just remember that I still and will always love Roblox. <3


That depends on if you want to switch.
Do you want to stay limited to one thing or do you want to know more?


I guess i just wanna start making games. I already like modeling and building even though i’m kinda bad at it. I mainly have my sights set on Unreal as an engine for its great tech and flexibility.
My main problem is that Roblox doesn’t have the features i want that other game engines do. But on the other hand. Roblox has such a large player base which makes it a lot easier to promote, manage and run your game (servers). I just don’t wanna sink to much time into one only to see that my game is going completely unrecognised or that i could’ve made my game much better if i’d just learned and used something else.
Plus there is such a nice community of people here ready to help you at any moment.


You could always learn both at the same time.

Right now Roblox is in it’s prime and Roblox Studio is only going to grow and get better. Roblox is absolutely one of the biggest if not THE biggest gaming platform out there right now. Look at “Adopt Me” it reached a concurrent 1.6 MILLION players this month, that is huge! I think Roblox is only going to keep growing and that means studio/the engine is only going to get more powerful.

If you take a look at the roadmap for 2020 we are going to be getting so many great features that we can use to make even better games(If they go live that is).

But if another engine has what you want and Roblox doesn’t. Think of yourself and what would be better for you :slight_smile:


Yeah. I guess my main problem is the for me i can only set my mind on learning one major thing at a time.


Well like I said all depends on you…
You can stay or leave I recommend switching if you want extra features but if you want to get big. I would say stay for a little finish your game post it then do something else. But it’s your choice!


If you want to stick to Roblox while learning other game engines, go ahead! Just like a lot of things, having a vast knowledge of stuff (in your case, working with multiple game engines) will help you a lot in the future. For example, let’s say I wanted to learn other programming languages other than Lua. Not only will that increase the potential jobs I could apply for, but if I end up applying for one, I can list similar experiences on my resume/portfolio/interview and that would help me out. I believe the same logic can be applied to this situation.

If you want to permanently switch though, it depends. While I do believe other game engines are more powerful and has more features compared to Roblox (Unity, Unreal), I do believe that it’s more efficient making a profit using Roblox compared to these game engines. Millions of people use Roblox, it’s easy to market/advertise your game, and more and more features are being added to the engine (by the end of 2020, Roblox is going to be a major competitor against other game engines in my opinion with all of these new features).

In the end though, this is up to you


Yeah. I guess time will tell. I just feel like i need to make a decision now.

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Yeah. I’ll try to learn both. It’s just kinda harder for me to learn multiple things at once. But i guess if i just pull through. Maybe i’ll learn it. Hope Roblox can become open source one day. Would contribute to alot. But looking at roblox’s current stance on the matter, im guessing not
Time will tell though. Thanks for all the feedback.

Remember that you have a 100% procent track record of making i through things.


Some game engines are better than the Roblox game engine, because not only can you import higher poly meshes, it also runs faster. But almost none of them have more accessible games like Roblox. All games on Roblox have a fair chance on getting noticed, but others, people have to sort of “discover”. And best of all, you only have to download Roblox once, while you have to download games one by one in games that use, let’s say, Unity.


I think that posting this here is going to be very biased. The few that have made the switch are no longer here or probably won’t respond.

I have been on Roblox for a while now. Almost 10+ years and while the Roblox engine has gotten far better over the years, it simply does not compete with Unreal or Unity. In fact, both of these engines are levels above Roblox.

When I made the switch, I did so because I was tired of the limitations. Everything that I needed was simply not afforded to me by Roblox. Things such as custom shader support, access to a more mature audience, etc. While I do agree that Roblox provides a strong base for learners, it’s main audience (kids) is what I really do not like. I have to abide by kids and parent rules. My genre or idea has to be dumbed down for kids to understand and had to be conform to a bunch of rules that I simply don’t care enough about.

For this reason alone, Roblox is a kids platform. It’s dominated by kids. It’s dominated by parents who police their kid. It’s dominated by rules specifically targeted to kids. Unfortunately, a game platform that hosts kids games is not taken seriously in the industry (one of which I am in so, I’d know lol).

Perhaps, a later time, this might be taken seriously but, for game developers who really want control and technical freedom… UE4 will always be the better route. I’d warn you though. There’s a learning curve and creating a game is much harder than it is on Roblox. However, once you learn and complete a game… it’ll be levels above what Roblox can provide for you. I’ve been using UE4 for about two years now and I absolutely love it. Though, it requires a decent computer at times. Depends on how graphics-intensive your game is.

No matter what engine you want, Roblox will provide you the quickest way to make a game. It’ll cut your time by a significant margin. However, the actual quality of your game will be nowhere near industry standards and will probably look or feel the same as every other game on the platform. For some people, this works. For some others, this doesn’t. All engines out there eventually take a cut of what you make. Unless you create your own game engine (which no one can really do in sufficient time), you won’t be able to escape it.

If you’re still learning, stick with Roblox. It’s a great platform to learn from and get a sense of where you want to be. I learned on Roblox before I pursued software as a career.

If you really want to be serious and drive quality, UE4 is so much better. Expect to put a lot of time.

In the industry, I think a successful game with UE4 would be far better for employers since you’d be doing it in C++ and C++ is used so much more in the industry. On Roblox, I really don’t know. I haven’t worked with anyone yet who has experience working on Roblox in the real world so, that’s really up in the air. I’d imagine that Lua wouldn’t be used as much… apart from being a middleware, embeddable type thing in some areas of the codebase. Plus, if you were making a top game on the platform… chances are that you wouldn’t be looking for a job elsewhere.

Sorry for this being long. I typed it out in a car.


That is perfectly understandable and relatable in many, many ways. Not too long ago I have quit Roblox as well because of the limitations. I’m a visual artist. I love creating landscapes, 3D models, buildings, and etc. But the tools Roblox offers is just not enough at the moment.

Now surely, Roblox is a great platform for beginners or hobbyists, but it has it’s limits which are a bit concerning in a few ways. Each Roblox game can support an insane amount of players per server, but that comes at a huge cost (performance-wise.)

Compared to the bigger platforms out there, Roblox just feels like something from the 90’s, and it just does not feel like a serious tool, so that is why I moved to Unreal Engine.