I want make two hand weapon

like this but how?

maybe you can have one axe activated with right click and the other one with left click

its pretty easy to make a simple melee system you just gotta make animations which are harder

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When the player equips the tool, you can weld the weapons to the players hands, and then create animations for attacks. Then you could create hit boxes for the both for damage. Something i might recommend for the hitbox is Raycast Hitbox


Yes so setting up a two handed weapon is a bit twicky but I know the simplest way you can do it!

Let’s use an accessory to make it.

  1. Alright so u would reccomend using RigEditor plugin.
  2. Now with an object class accessory inside their is a handle within that is a attachment. The way these work is the rig has an attachment within its part.
  3. The one we need is the LeftGripAttachment. You can go ahead and copy and paste that into you accessory’s handle.
  4. Now when you parent the accessory into your model it will be attached to the left-grip. The problem now is their automatic scaling enabled the tool would change sizes!
  5. So make the handle invisible. put the axe in position as the handle and adjust the position of it. Place the inside the Handle instance. Not outside the handle inside the part instance btecause the welds will break otherwise.
  6. Select the handle first then the Axe. Use RigEditor weld the axe together.

local Axe= --define the axes location
local Tool=script.Parent
local Humanoid=Character.Humanoid
if Character:FindFirstChild(Axe.Name)~=nil then

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There is a great demo on this by Headstackk