I want my old username that contains my first name removed from the past usernames list, is it possible?

I want my old username that I signed up with in 2018 removed, as it contains my first name.
Is it possible via support?

Roblox endorses people not to use real names, and does not specify first or last. But for display names it is okay.

I don’t want to use it on either one. I realized that people randomly started calling me my first name, and I want my information private on Roblox.
You would think people don’t really read those, but it’s really common from experience.

My old username only contains my first name., and I heard that it wouldn’t be enough for them to remove it. I don’t want to wait a week or so for a reply. I want what I need done, and would like to know beforehand.

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Not really. You can try asking support kindly, but I highly doubt they’ll remove it, especially given that it only contains your first name.

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the waybackmachine already archived your name if it makes you feel any better

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