I want this shower to be working when you click the nodge

So I want to make this shower work by clicking that nodge above the shower head and when you click it the water must turn off and the nodge would get tilted horizontally and also how do I add audio into it and I also want this audio in the issue basically.


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This doesn’t seem like a scripting issue it sounds like you want the shower to be scripted for you. You need to try and script it yourself first and search for answers to problems you run into. Posting your issue should be a last resort if you can’t find anything that could help you. If you have tried scripting please post your script so we can help you.

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Hi PixeledDev!

Are you using a particle emitter for the water? If so, you could add a click detector inside of the handle which enables and disables the particle emitter, and sets the handles rotation.


I have saw some but It’s just the music wise and the particle emitter that I’m having a trouble with.

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Yes sir I’m using a particle emitter, but how do I make the switch functional.

Can you post the script you have for the shower because you have provided no details as to how you are handling the issue.

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Okay so don’t ask if I’m showing you a door because that’s where I learned it from like my door basically can open and close and has a sound when you click it, so I’m saying that I might make this also work for the shower.

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Please be aware that #help-and-feedback:scripting-support is designed so you can get assistance not ask for scripts - you should at least make some attempt previously and show where you are stuck. If you are looking for someone to script it for you then please refer to #collaboration:recruitment and not here.


Your solution, without actually writing the code for you would be to use Click Detectors to which this link will also show you demonstrations on how to use them. To make the shower work, you would be advised to use a particle emitter which you can flip it Enabled/Disabled to trigger the water particles - with a nice water particle decal you could therefore make a good shower.

A lot of your solution can be met by actually reading the relevant API documentation on the things and then scripting said functionality in:

Example Code which might help:

-- store the state
local activated = false
activated = not activated -- this is a toggle, you can run this to flip the state

-- To handle your sound
local Sound = workspace.SoundObject -- a pointer
Sound:Play() -- enable the sound, we'd do this when activated -> true
Sound:Stop() -- disable the sound, we'd do this when activated -> false

-- Particle emitters
local ParticleEmitter = workspace.ParticleObject -- a pointer
ParticleEmitter.Enabled = true -- enable the water, we'd do this when activated -> true
ParticleEmitter.Enabled = false -- disable the water, we'd do this when activated -> false

-- To click stuff
local ClickDetector = workspace.Part.ClickDetector
function onMouseClick()
	print("You clicked me!")
ClickDetector .MouseClick:connect(onMouseClick)
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