I want to create a game like the game Rap Battle but idk how

I want to create a game like Rap Battle, but I don’t know how to do that. Can you help me ? :slight_smile: Thanks !

Maybe it’s not the good category to post that, if it’s not, sorry, I am new :slight_smile:

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hmmm, well i didn’t wanna type this much but here we go.
Firstly, you need to plan out your whole game on a piece of paper or MS paint (if your on PC)
Secondly, once you are done with planning, you recreate everything you planned onto Studio, for example, you drew a lobby, you recreate that lobby in Studio just exactly how you drew it.
Thirdly, for the scripting, You might wanna watch some Lua tutorials first, and then get started scripting for the things that need scripting for example:
The bubble message that comes up when someone raps
Teleport random 2 players to the place where they can rap.
Thats all! Hope i helped :smiley:


I know The Dev King has a video on this


Thank you very much @mouseyispro and @CheezBoy27, I’ll watch the video and do what @mouseyispro said :slight_smile: