I want to do this, but I don't know how to

So, I was wondering how to make a night sky in my game, along with that I was also wondering how to play music in the game.

Help is appreciated! :smiley:

Edit: I’m also having trouble saving the game update in roblox studio.

Can’t you just

Set the Lighting’s ClockTime to midnight? Also for the music, it depends on what you’re going for (Random Song Playlist is an example)

Simply change the clock time in the workspace property for playing sound you just need to create a sound parent it to workspace then click play (i think) in its property

How and where do you do it? qkmfkmwqcl,.;/q

You serious?


I mean you can literally find it in the Properties tab under the “View” category

I’m in the Properties tab but nothing pops up.

You need to select the Lighting Service inside the Explorer tab

What explorer tab? gfqevgbvcdxsdf

You can’t be serious

The same place where I referenced the “View” category

Found it, now what do I do? fda

Find the Lighting Service, click on it, and find the ClockTime property inside the Properties tab

Set it to midnight

Regarding the night sky, I’ll recommend setting the time to night.
You can find the time property under the category “Lightning” with the value ClockTime or TimeOfDay.

Regarding the music, you are required to implement either a local script or server script. However, this requires you to script a music player, if you do not know how to script a music player you can take one from the Asset Model Tab. I’ll add you here some examples:

If you require a more specific or custom Player, feel free to DM me.
Regarding the saving, when you are in Studio try pressing Ctrl + P, this will publish the place and save it so you can check them out with others. (Requires a new server)