I want to fix (another) old roblox game, Any suggestions?

The title is what I want to accomplish, Here are some things to keep in mind to suggest an old Roblox game for me to fix

  1. Is it uncopylocked/open-sourced by the original creator?
    < If not, would they be ok with it?
  2. What’s broken? (So I know what to fix if I do)
  3. Does it require the whole game to be rescripted?
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  1. Is the creator of the game still active? TheGamer101, creators of Sword Fighting Tournament (still active), gave another player their blessing to revamp Sword Fighting Tournament. If you can contact the original creator and they support you revamping their old game, go ahead.

  2. What game are you fixing?

  3. You should re-scripting everything to keep it up to date.

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