I want to know all IsA()

we can find part by :IsA(“BasePart”)
we can find local script by :IsA(“Script”)
how to find fire?
how to find ather ones?.

:IsA(“Fire”) and you have them for all other objects as well.


IsA(“This Takes The Object Class”) In every Object or Item in roblox in the properties you will see a Class section . Simply add the class in the () in IsA(Insert Class Here)


You should probably look at IsA’s documentation.

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there is no information about class things.
we can’t find “Script” in the documentation but i found the IsA(“Script”) can find local script

Part and MeshPart can found with IsA(“BasePart”) but
no way to get Particles and Fire in same script?

I guess using their class name as the parameter will be fine

for Example: particle - ParticleEmitter

Sans titre
part is a instance btw

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:IsA(“Part”) is familiar to if part.ClassName == “Part”.


These are all documented on the devhub.

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i tried IsA(“Particle”) and it could not find ParticleEmitter and Fire.

Anything in this list can be used in IsA

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I don’t see what the issue with doing

if thing:IsA("ParticleEmitter") or thing:IsA("Fire") then

It’s ParticleEmitter, not Particle.

finally answer i wanted. thanks!

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I had already provided the same link previously.

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