I want to make a fist tool as a default mode

I want to make a fist tool as default mode, and I want to punch with mouse1(left click).
I tried to make a fist tool, but it didn’t work(I deleted a script so I can’t restoration it).
Like Fallout 4.
And if the player punched with it, the player’s speed will be just a little faster in a few seconds.
Please teach me a script. Thanks.

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So, kind of like a simulator? If you Activate the tool, your WalkSpeed will be faster?

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Fist = :facepunch:
Google translate changes it to “first”, but it’s not.

No. If the punch animation has ended, player’s speed will back to default.

So what you would do is to make a tool then put it under starter character scripts, the tool would just be a part that is a cube. And when the mouse button is down, an animation would play, then at the part when the animation plays, you would do something.

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Thanks for reply!

This is nice idea, but I want to delete a vibration when the player moved.

I don’t know what you mean by a, “vibration”, can you show us a video?

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You need to detect when the animation has stopped playing, using .Stopped if it has stopped, you change the player’s WalkSpeed? Is this what you’re trying to achieve?

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This is on phone, but you can understand!

I’m confused, that’s just you holding a tool…

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Title of this topic doesn’t match with it’s content.
Anyways, to make a tool default (so you can’t unequip it), in it’s script put this:
tool.Unequipped:Connect(function() --instead of “tool” put your variable for the tool
humanoid:EquipTool(tool) --instead of “humanoid” put a variable for character’s humanoid
Remember that asking for full scripts is forbidden.

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For this kind of behaviour you will not be looking for a tool, you will be looking to rely solely on user input. Your punch script should be active as in when the user is not currently holding a tool or doing an action that should prevent punching.

Look into UserInputService for a reference on how to check for input that the client sends. From there, it’s all about the appropriate checks passing and whatnot.

At the very least, here’s a rough template of what you would be looking at:

local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")
local LocalPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer

local character = LocalPlayer.Character or LocalPlayer.CharacterAdded:Wait()

function inputBegan(inputObject, gameProcessedEvent)
    if not gameProcessedEvent then
        if inputObject.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1 then
            if not character:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Tool") then


Okay, I want to make like this in Roblox.

Thats legit a 8h gameplay. whut?

not big of a deal just watch it all

Click on the vid and it will send you to the time 15:00 or something I’m not sure