I want to make a game where players are 2 Dimensional

Hello Developers!


I want to make a game where players spawn as thin as paper (2D) but still retain there avatar’s look. How can I achieve this? :confused:

Many thanks to anyone who is taking the time to read and possibly answer. :sweat_smile:

Thanks, DevStar

Could you write subscript that says “When the player joins, change their avatar’s depth to 0.1”?

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uhh, Once I did this in my roleplay game, where they click child and they go small. I thought that it worked. When my brother tested, I could see myself as small, as it should be, but he could see me as normal size, but half in the floor. Apparently, I need to make a RemoteEvent to a server script. I really don’t know how to do this, but do you?

Also, isn’t depth gonna make them flat on the floor? I want them to be flat but still standing up, but will that retain the avatar shape?

Wouldn’t depth be from their stomach to their back? Hight would make them taller or shorter.

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Hmm… I thought that would work. Sorry, I don’t know how to do it the right way.

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What about the width though? :question: :grey_question: :question:


When I did it previously, it was in a LocalScript.

You could use viewport frames, make a clone of the player inside said viewport frame and maybe put it into a surface/billboard gui

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I don’t know, all I know is that height is how tall they are. If my first response couldn’t help then I can’t help any more. I’m not that good at this stuff.

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uhh, would they retain their movement animations, and don’t billboard GUI always face you, like they turn wherever you go?

Can’t you just scale the players to the thinnest possible size?


yeah maybe a surface gui would be the best option, and I think you can maintain player animations or make your own without too much work

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uhh, I am confused, maybe I will try scale the player down like crazy thin. I am trying to make a Paper Mario-like game.

I don’t really know what you meant:

How would I do this?

you could possibly just scale the player down crazy thin, it will most likely easier


I’ve seen people make paper mario like characters using viewport frames but as of right now I’m not too sure on how they work

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This guy made a video on exactly what you want. He just disabled backwards and forwards movement (@DesertusX thanks for correcting me) Hope this helps!

I Made a 2D Game in Roblox…
YouTube · TheDevKing
29 Dec 2020

You will want a WorldModel to animate inside a viewport frame. Then it works like workspace.

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In this video, he just changed the camera and disabled forward and backward movement. I think what @DevHelpAccount is asking for is a game that is completely 2D, like a UI (from what I understand).

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This is kinda amazing that you posted this because I was just about to write a post on how do I make the player’s camera be stuck facing one direction. Is this like the camera on line runner? Also I can see why @DesertusX would’ve said this because I never mentioned it. I do need the players to be 2D though, but unfortunately, I don’t know the most efficient way to this.