I want to make a obby

Hello there, so of course my title probably doesn’t explain what’s my problem so ill explain in the next sentence. So I am making a Difficulty Chart Obby, and I am a scripter not a builder so I don’t build the obby but I have no funds to hire a scripter what do I do ? Any tips or advice is appreciated thank you! :slight_smile:


If you’re a scripter, then why do you need to hire another 1?

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i think he messed up words. he ment builder


im not that experienced but i can help as much as possible

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Oh… If that’s the case then there’s multiple things you can do.
1: Try to learn to build yourself
2: Try to do some commissions to earn robux 1st
3: Ask some friends that can build to see if they can help you out
4: See if anybody will build for you’re obby and get payed by % of game profits instead of 1 time payouts.

Try to build it yourself. Obby games are not complicated.

Obby games are pretty simple to build, and if you cant script, search some stuff up online. Basic obbies generally have: (checkpoints, kill bricks, and some simple UI(monetization mainly)). These can all be found on youtube.

For the building part, however, play some obby games and take inspiration(don’t copy of course, that’s not fun)

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I also agree with what you are saying it is very relevant.

You can look at #collaboration:portfolios for people willing to do 1 or 2 stages for an obby for free. If you want to learn I would suggest just playing around with the move, rotate, and scale tools or watch youtube bids on how to build simple things.

If this sounds like a great offer, DM my DevForum account and we can talk about it! I can offer it for free c:

I have 5 years experience.

I’m a builder with 4+ years of experience. Message me if you want me