I want to make my FPS AI check corners

What people do to make the FPS AI check corners, this is what I want to achieve. I need a good idea. Is it an algorithm or what?

I want them to aim to check corners, basically people unfamiliar with FPS games.

Get the coordinates of the corners that you made, and make your AI walk to those coordinates.

What do you even mean by “check corners”? There is very few info in your post in order for us to help in any actual way.

Sorry forgot to mention am making an FPS AI. I have edited the post.

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I’m assuming that when you say “corners”, you are referring to an area which is covered by walls and mostly hidden.

You might want to consider adding 1x1x1 sized blocks around your map, and making your AI walk to these blocks using :MoveTo()

Then let it aim randomly. When it detects a player in its field of view make it aim the player. You can use LookVector for this

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