I want to spin a washing machine drum that the player will go into

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to spin a washing machine drum that the player will go into. I tried to use tweenservice, but the problem is that players the players remain stationary while the basket spins.

Then i tried to use “HingeConstrains” and it works, but there is a problem. I don’t know how to control them. What should i put in MotorMaxTorque? Because it is not moving or it stops at a pont if i put less than 500 milions! I serached online, and i saw that it depends from the mass of the part or something else, but i don’t understand.

So basically i want a system that:
1. allows you with scripts to chnage the direction of the rotation
2. allows you with script to change the power of the rotation (im simulating a washing machine programme)

(the one with the hinge is ok, i just want to understand what to put in motormaxtorque or in the other proprieties based on how much speed of rotation i want to give)

Btw this is the mass of the union (the washing machine drum) that i want to rotate

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There’s property in any BasePart object called CustomPhycialProperties, you can reduce Mass by setting density to absurdly small amount like 0.1.

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Ty for the answer
Alright, but how do i set the MotorMaxTorque and the other hinge’s proprieties? Based on what? How do i control it with scripts. I mean how do I adjust the actual rotation speed

local hinge = --your hinge
hinge.MotorMaxAcceleration = 35 --Or anything you want. You can limit from script to any number
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alright, but what should i set to MotorMaxTorque? Because the rotation speed change if i put a highter motormaxtoruqe.

Play with different values, you test some number then check how it goes in the game, and if it doesn’t satisfy you you try another number.

local hinge = --your hinge
hinge.MotorMaxAcceleration = 35
hinge.MotorMaxTorque = 100 
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