I was banned, can I get my games back?

hello, I was banned today, and I was thinking if theres any way I could get the games I had on that profile back? I already tried the auto saves, but my game wasn’t there, I think it might’ve been because it was cloud saved. Is there any way I can get it back?


Aren’t most Roblox Studio files/documents saved in Documents in File Explorer? Why not just check there, or look around your File Explorer for a Roblox Studio folder or files?


I did check the docs folder, I couldn’t find it and I can’t find any other folder that has anything to do with Roblox (other than the Roblox folder itself of course).


As in banned do you mean terminated?

If the game is not uncopylocked, it’s basically permanently inaccessible…

Your games, inventory, messages and followers are permanately inaccessible.

You can appeal a termination within only 30 days. If you think THEY made a mistake, the termination could be reversed.

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If the game is published, the changes are saved on Roblox servers. If you have a local file, then it is saved locally

There might be a way to download your game as a rbxl files using the RobloxApi, though you’ll probably have to be authenticated, which is probably not possible when banned?

I’ll check later
I have no idea how to use those web apis

as far as im aware the only way to keep your games it to have it saved on your device.
games that you are the owner of are gone, not sure about group owned games.

i have concluded that theres no actual way to get the cloud games but the non-cloud/local saved files can be accessible through the docs ROBLOX folder, thanks for the help yall!

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