I was stuck in servertory today

So, today, I was playing Slap Battles and I had just gotten the fish glove. I had also become friends with a guy there who also had fish. So this is just about Slap Battles gameplay, right?


When I kept playing in the server, some toxic dude left and none of us really cared, until another person left. Then a third. Before I knew it, we were already stuck in servertory. (server + purgatory)

This was different from the disconnect glitch, where everything stopped moving/working and you could still move, but it wouldn’t show the disconnect prompt. In servertory, the server kept on running, but no new players were entering the server, meaning that it started to feel like a private server, being survived by the 8 people (including me) that were still in the server. People would leave, but no one would take their place.

I eventually had to go to another server (I was in Slap Battles no-oneshot). We had already gone from 8 players to 4 since I couldn’t convince anyone to stay. As of writing this topic, I am currently in a no-oneshot server with 13 players (obviously, it’s public).

Does anyone know what causes the server to do this?

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This may have to do with Roblox’s way of optimizing servers, though I’m not entirely sure how it works. Maybe it was an outdated server, and the owner was trying to migrate the experience to the latest update by preventing players from joining old servers.

Either this, or Roblox’s glitching up when filling servers.

It’s not that uncommon, since I would purposely play games but in small servers, and no one else would join for around 30 minutes to 1 hour.