I would like a feature where I can search a player's username and their profile will pop up!

Introducing my Problem
As I am using the devforum it’s hard to find certain people on the devforum.

The feature I am requesting for
I would like a feature added to where you can search a user’s name and they will pop up.

How this can help others on the devforum
It will make it easier to find the people that you may need to message for important things like game or commissions. People may actually have information on their profile they want others to see by searching their username or a friend could be trying to follow them.

That’s what I would like added on the devforum for all devices! Please let me know if I should make improvements to this topic or be more specific than what I have said already.


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This already exists?


If it isn’t working for you, file a bug report.


Probably because I am on mobile. Because I can’t see it.

Seems like a thing already for both mobile and PC.

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Workarounds are typing the address manually in your search bar (devforum.roblox.com/u/username), or append an @ at the beginning of your search query, so you can get posts by that user, then just click their profile picture. Those are just workarounds though, if you want it to be like the computer interface you should probably make a feature request at meta.discourse.org.

Although, when looking for a user, you generally are looking for one of their posts, not necessarily their profile, as the devforum is not a social media platform.


Nope, that’s also already a feature if you hit the three lines you can set it to desktop view which acts like the desktop version of the DevForum.


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