I would like feedback! From my subway station


I started working at the subway stations. Currently, one metro station is ready. I would like to ask for feedback on the work done so far


It looks good but it looks empty, you should add signs and see that the lighting is more


The subway station looks ok for a beginner, the lights look really weird. The height of the tunnels are way too short. If you need reference you can look at games with a subway station like neon district.

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Hmm… the train tracks look good enough.
But the lighting and the decoration is too drab. I would change the material of the ceiling lights to neon, but I’m not sure what kind of effect you’re going for so that’s up to you.
What is the third picture even supposed to be? i understand that it’s some sort of staircase, but that square shaped thing on the floor looks like one of your ceiling lights in the above picture.
The hallway in the fourth picture (I’m assuming it’s a hallway cuz what else is that supposed to be) is way too drab. You should add benches along the walls, trash cans and maybe some graffiti or posters to make it more realistic.
As I said earlier, the train tracks look good, but you can improve them. Consider adding some sings or timetables on the ceiling, and some vending machines, benches, trash cans, or whatever good decoration you can think of. Google some pictures of subway stations for reference if you’re not sure what to add.


I recommend adding some decoration to your station to make it not feel empty.

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Needs some decorating, signs, chairs/benches, posters/advertisements along the walls, etc

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The subway is very dark, looks abandoned with no decor.

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