I would like feedback on my most recent game! - The Test [Alpha]

This is my most recent game the my studio made. Feedback would be appreciated!

Hope you enjoy!

I dont really want to add any sneak peaks cause that would ruin the game


It’s great! The only thing is that the text seems glitch after a few rounds, I won the minigame but didn’t get to shoot anyone before it started another round.
I think you could add more minigames besides guessing the number!

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Theres a glitch that I’m trying to fix where if someone leaves the game after they died the game resets.

My thoughts before the game: I assume its some type of horror game with some murder.

My thought after the game: The game is really hiting its style. To make the game more scarier, you should probarly add some dark vignette and maybe turn the saturation a bit down. The filter was great, I even thought it was a new roblox feature

Hey wait I killed you, I was Lethal_Crime LOL. Yeah thanks! I was planning to add that kind of stuff.

Wow… I actually got scared so I left the game…

I saw that I was confused on why you left I thought you rage quit

I think that a good minigame would be a Simon Says, where a sequence of colors is shown and the first person to replicate it gets the gun. Also I want to shoot the light. With those 2 things the game would be absolutely amazing.


I really like the game, however I feel like you should add a warning that there is blood and somewhat gore in this game because of how many children might play it and not know what they are getting into.

Not too sure if this much gore is allowed, you might need to get a second opinion on it just IMO.

There is a warning in the description. And also thanks for the feedback!

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Can you write more about what this game is about?

I didn’t really want to evaluate on it because it would kinda spoil the game :man_shrugging:

Wow the vibes I get from this game are scary. Nice job.