I would like feedback on this lobby

I’ve been working on a zombie game for a while now and made a lobby for it.

I appreciate all the positive and constructive feedback! :heart:


I think its great

It looks good. But that zombie pen on the side doesn’t fit in. Also I think it looks kinda bland you want people in the lobby to just vibe and look at the lobby.

Yea it looks awesome

But dude your post is like 15 characters long HOW???

It looks ok but it lacks. It’s basically a box of stone with a bit of grass on the top. It overall lacks, feeling a bit boring. It doesn’t look like a lobby, it looks more like a scene. Remove the road? Add more terrain? A centerpiece like a statue, waterfall, tree etc… something. The zombie pen looks out of place as well. Perhaps add a leaderboard or other lobby-like stuff


I would agree with this as well.
@mogyi421 Those trees look amazing by the way great job.


It looks good. I like that it’s very simple and does the job of a lobby. 10/10

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