I would like some feedback for my new fire department build!

Hello, devs!
my name is Abdulrhman, I am a builder and I usually like to inspire from real buildings… I just built a fire department for a client, I think your feedback would help me a lot with upgrading my skills.

the real one

Sidney fire department in Canadanot sure lol


–forget about the balcony; because I didn’t like the idea, the interior is not done yet.

thanks for your time! :smiley:


Looks cool but the issue is does the inside has any details?

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I still didn’t start working on the interior, but yes I will work on detailing it.

Looks amazing! It’s just like the real picture but, the only thing is missing is the firetrucks and the parking area to it. Just like in the picture!

But I do assume, you’re also going to be working on a firetruck right?

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The fire station looks amazing! I wouldn’t blame you on the weird glare because it’s just a Roblox issue.

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thanks, I am not going to work on the firetrucks because the owner of the game didn’t ask me to do that also I am not really good at scripting, but I am going to work on the interior and the parking area

thank you… lol that’s the sun :sun_with_face: but yeah its kinda strange

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