I would like to make a folder of the players arrest history to save

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    I would like to make a folder that has all the players arrest logs in it and it has datasave. I want it so that I can easily look in the arrestlogs and look at players arrests
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    I have tried doing multiple datastores but I cant
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    Here is all the things I want in each players folder
-- This is an example Lua code block

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Try making an arrest system or a handcuff system and when you arrest someone it adds the value to their arrests.
For testing purposes take a part and a proximity prompt and part:


  -- Your leaderboard
   numArrests.Value = numArrests.Value + 1


And I think you should make the number of arrests and those stuff "IntValues."

Thanks for the idea but I want to be able to see the date of each arrest, how long and who arrested them

I would create a table of this and then store it into your datastore