I would like your thoughts on my game Glorious Battle (it's AgeOfWar-ish)

Give it a try. I know the UI isn’t the best but lmk what you think of it.

  1. After playing for 3 minutes I still couldnt figure out who I am, red or blue.

  2. When I just started the camera was in the middle looking at the ground, had 0 morale so couldnt activate any, had no idea what to do, then I accidentally pushed the camera to see that from far away NPCs are coming to the centre.

  3. There are only 3 NPCs you can call. There is absolutely no strategy needed/nor can it be applied. You just spam soldiers or collect enough morale to call archer or giant (doesn’t make any difference which you call).

  4. The game has no goal and no purpose. Maximum time a player can spend in this game is 5 minutes. There is absolutely no incentive to play.

The AI generated thumbnail looks good, even tho there is nothing even remotely like the thumbnail in the actual game

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